Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Identify two key concepts that will help you write an effective thesis statement. Why did you choose these two concepts?

The concepts that will help me write an effective thesis is by being specific and concentrate on my general topic. By being specific and staying with my topic on what my research is about will keep the readers/audience focused on what I want to point out and speak about without them being confused. Also my confidence on my research will help me with my thesis. When having confidence in my writing it will inform my readers/audience to keep an open mind and listen to what I have to say. When you are specific and confident in your writing than your work could be more convincing. I am the type of person that would just keep rambling on and on and be too wordy in my writing. I would start off on topic and then somehow some way I ended up off course. Since my last class I have gotten better.


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